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Charleston's Creatively Clean Cotton Candy Cart Company

We love fluffing up the Lowcountry, but we are also obsessed with travel! Our carts have been to: FL, GA, AL, NC, & MD


Let's Fluff It Up!

Since 2015 Pure Fluff has live spun fluff at over 600 events from our cute carts around the Lowcountry farmer's markets, festivals, weddings, and private events.


The Classic Treat Creatively Cleaned Up!

We flavor organic cane with only all natural, seasonally inspired ingredients. Some of our gourmet flavors include: Chai Tea, Passion Fruit, Lychee, Lavender, Champagne, Pumpkin Pie, Sugar Cookie, Banana, Soda Pop, Eggnog, & Cold Brew Coffee!


NO Artificial Anything!

Pure Fluff is always FREE of gluten/fat/dairy/preservatives, certified vegan, and available toned with veggie dyes or food coloring.


FUN Fluff Facts!

A cone of Pure Fluff has half the sugar content of a cupcake. Plus many of our flavors have surprisingly healthy ingredients like beets, carrots, turmeric, edible flowers, and even CBD Oil!


Licensing Opportunities Now Available

You can now own your own Creatively Clean Cotton Candy Cart Company by becoming a licensed partner of Pure Fluff Co!