Now Booking Private Events AGAIN!

Fluff Cancer

Before a proper bounce back could be had after Covid’s devastating effect on the event industry, Arielle Stratton the owner of Pure Fluff was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in August 2020 and has been in active treatment since then. She has completed 6 months of 16 chemotherapy infusions, a bilateral mastectomy, several reconstruction surgeries, 25 sessions of radiotherapy, physical therapy, intensive stereotactic ablative radiation (SBRT), and ongoing hormone & CDK4/6 inhibitor therapies.

While Arielle is focused on taking control of this major life-change, she is also working to revive Pure Fluff to it’s pre-covid glory by relauching public events this spring. Unfortunately the online store and packaged product line has been halted in the meantime as it is too much for her to handle currently.

During this time, she is actively looking for someone to take the reigns as a new owner, so she can focus on her health while allowing her passion project to continue to thrive. If interested please contact: [email protected]

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