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Now Booking Private Events AGAIN!

Fluff Cancer

Before a proper bounce back could be had after Covid’s devastating effect on the event industry, Arielle Stratton the owner of Pure Fluff was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in August 2020 and has been in active treatment since then. She has completed 6 months of 16 chemotherapy infusions, a bilateral mastectomy, several reconstruction surgeries, 25 sessions of radiotherapy, physical therapy, intensive stereotactic ablative radiation (SBRT), and ongoing hormone & CDK4/6 inhibitor therapies. With continued life long treatment and monitoring Arielle has been NED (no evidence of disease) since August 2022.

Immediately after regaining her range of motion post surgery Arielle reopened private event bookings and spun fluff for over 66 events last year; closing 2022 with 578 catered events to date!

While “post-cancer Arielle” is determined to LIVE more than she works; she is also focusing on reviving her her little business to it’s pre-covid glory by reopening Pure Fluff’s online store this spring and adding a licensing partner to handle public concession events after a much needed 2 month vacation to SE Asia.

Thank you for all of your continued support! For more up to date information please follow us on social media – links below

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