Cotton Candy CBD (500MG)


Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture/Dropper

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  • Enjoy all of the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD in the easiest way to daily dose!
    • I am not allowed to mention those benefits here per SCDA, but they are VERY google-able:)
  • All Natural Cotton Candy Flavor + Terpene Taste of CBD
  • Gluten Free – No dyes – Made in the USA – Sugar Free
  • 500MG / 15ML ~ Approx. 30 servings
  • Also comes in a larger (better value) size : 1000MG

OUR CBD: We use a food grade medicinal Hemp Oil product from Colorado in our CBD Fluff & Stuff product line, which is grown in a sustainable fashion without pesticides, 100% safe, Non-GMO, Broad Spectrum Active Constituent- Rich CBD Oil. This oil is extracted with either Ethanol or Super Critical CO2 and contains full cannabinoid/terpene profile with below the legal limit of .3% THC. The QR code on our packaging will take you directly to the 3rd party lab test results on our CBD, which is accessible with any free QR scanning app.