CBD Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub


Fluff Up Your Shower Routine with Body Beneficial CBD Oil

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Chill the Fluff Out & Get Super Smooth!

with the nostalgic smell of cotton candy 
paired with the amazingly de-stressing 
benefits of Full Spectrum Cannabidiol 
Oil. Regularly exfoliating with this CBD 
sugar scrub can stimulate circulation, 
prevent ingrown hairs, and reduce 
redness for beautiful, glowing skin. Buff 
away the old, nourish with the healing 
powers of CBD, & reveal glowing skin 
that is soft, cleansed and refreshed.

  • Use prior to self tanning, shaving, & waxing 
for better results & insanely smoother skin!
  • Cotton Candy Scented- Naturally
  • Full Spectrum CBD: 200MG
  • Silicone Free – No dyes – Made in the USA
  • 200 mg / 10 oz

OUR CBD: We use a food grade medicinal Hemp Oil product from Colorado in our CBD Fluff & Stuff product line, which is grown in a sustainable fashion without pesticides, 100% safe, Non-GMO, Broad Spectrum Active Constituent- Rich CBD Oil. This oil is extracted with either Ethanol or Super Critical CO2 and contains full cannabinoid/terpene profile with below the legal limit of .3% THC. The QR code on our packaging will take you directly to the 3rd party lab test results on our CBD, which is accessible with any free QR scanning app.